Zoolander 2 A Possibility?

253369834_3a875f5602_oMillions of people all over the world love the comedy Zoolander. This movie stars Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux. The movie came out in the year 2001 and since then many fans have been looking for a sequel to this movie. While nothing has been in production as of yet there is still a possibility that the movie studio will make a Zoolander 2.

According to Justin Theroux there is still a possibility that Zoolander 2 is going to happen. In a recent interview he did not say that the sequel was a definite but gave fans several clues that it was going to be in the works soon. According to Justin there is already a script written for this movie. The actors and the movie studio have begun talks about this movie and turning the script into a reality. There are still some things that need to be worked out and people that need to be cast but it is starting to seem like this project will be up and running in the near future.

Theroux did mention that is it hard for him and Ben Stiller to coordinate their schedules. Theroux is current enjoy fame on a television series and Ben has a number of movie and product projects that he is working on. It is also challenging to find a time to work with the rest of the cast and crew as well. They are all working hard to make the sequel a top priority. There have also been some changes in the production staff. Theroux was originally set to be the director of Zoolanders 2 but since then things have changed. He has gotten too busy with his television show. If he is not able to take on the role of director it is likely that Ben Still will direct this movie as well as star as one of the main actors.

For some people there was a rumor that Ben Stiller did not want to return to his lead role in the movie. That is no longer true. Stiller is looking into the script for the main character as well as looking to control things behind the scene. Back in the year 2011 Stiller himself stated that the script for the sequel was written and ready to go. He also gave away some possibilities for the new movie. While the main characters Derek and Hansel did have a happy ending a lot of things have changed in their lives. They are in a new world and have new challenges. This script also features the talents of another comedian that was wanted to be part of the Zoolander experience. Will Ferrell used his talents as a comedian to add to this script and make some life changes to these characters. With this cast and crew this movie should be funny once it is made and relased.

While production has not started yet and the movie is still a long way away from a production schedule fans of this movie may not have to wait too much longer. With talks between the movie studio, production team, and the actors things may get underway very soon. For fans of the movie Zoolander there is still plenty of hope that Zoolander 2 will be made in the near future. Picture credit

Top Football Movies – My Personal Opnion

Football PadsThere are few things better in life than getting a bowl of popcorn, your favorite movie, and an evening to yourself to watch it. Especially when the plot of that movie is centered around football.

There are many football movies out there so how can you choose? Do you choose an old school smash mouth movie? Do you choose a tearjerker that will empty that box of tissues? Do you choose a movie with a love story? Here are of few of our favorite movies to help you choose.

Our first movie is Rudy.
This is a tearjerker for even the hardest of hearts. It is about a young man who’s only dream is to play for Notre Dame. This is a favorite because the central character is not an athlete. He gets what he wants from pure hard work and determination. This is the movie your high school coach would play to get you pumped up for the big game. Have plenty of popcorn and excuses on why your eyes are watering for this one.
The next movie is The Longest Yard (original). This is an old school, knock you in the teeth movie. It is about a quarterback who gets locked up in prison and must form a team to play the guard football team. This is a movie that will get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Full of fast action and bone crushing hits. This is the movie for the adrenaline junkie who is needing a fix.
The next movie we have is North Dallas Forty. This is a good movie with a love story in it. It is a movie that is loosely based on the 1970’s Dallas Cowboys. An aging receiver shows how far he will go to keep his career going for another year. This is considered by many critics to be one of the best football movies out there. It shows the dirty underbelly of professional football and all that it asks of its players. Not a feel good movie, but one you will appreciate having watched.
The last movie we recommend is Waterboy. This is a gut busting funny romp through college football. We follow Bobby Boucher as he transitions from a “momma’s boy” to the terror of collegiate quarterbacks. This movie has some of the funniest, most quotable, lines that have ever come out of a football movie. We see how football players are stereotyped into the dumb jock role. We then see how that player is transformed into a smart, well articulated student. You will have to get your side stitched up after “busting a gut” from laughing so hard.
We know that many of you out there are now shouting at your screen because, we have forgotten your favorite movie. We haven’t forgotten, we just don’t have the room to put down every great football movie that has been made. That is the great thing about these movies. When one end you just queue up another one, get the adrenaline flowing, and feel like you can go out there and slobberknock someone upside the head. Have fun watching all these movies, we sure did.

My Favorite Canadian Actress

Rachel in the NotebookAs a Canadian I have to admit that I’m a bit biased when it comes to my favorite actresses.  I like me the Canadian ones!  Really the only Canadian “star” I’m Not so fond of is the J. Beiber and he’s not acting….yet.  Hopefully it stays that way

So lets go over the short list of the hottest Canadian actresses.

First and foremost we have to talk about Rachel Anne McAdams.  I first fell in love with Rachel in the Movie the Notebook.  I know this is a soppy romantic movie but it was still pretty good and I was like “who’s this chick?”

Then she played a role in the hilarious movie “Wedding Crashers”.  Which was a great movie, IMO.

Rachel was born in London, Ontario and grew up in nearby St. Thomas. She is the oldest of 3 children and got into the performing arts when she was seven years old.

Another hot Canadian Actress is the Ellen Page.

Ellen first came on the scene with the quirky comedy Juno.  At the time she wasn’t hot since she wasn’t old enough to be in the category but she has come into her own since then.

However, she kicked ass in Inception.

Ellen grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She gratuated from High School in 2005 and played Juno in 2006 (released in 2007).

What about Evangeline Lilly?

She has more recently entered the movie powerhouse scene in the Hobbit movies.

Remember the movie “Old School”, well this movie featured a hot Canadian actress from Calgary.  Here name is Elisha Cuthbert.  She hasn’t yet broken out into a Major blockbuster but you never know when that might just happen.

Well that’s the short list of Canadian actresses that I currently enjoy the most.  Rachel McAdams is by far my favorite and I hope that she finds a few key roles to get back into the lime light soon.

To watch any of the movies mentioned in this post or any movie for that matter, I suggest you get a Netflix account.  Is there any of us out there that still don’t have an account?

Since we are talking about Canadian Actresses I think it’s only fitting to talk quickly talk about the Canadian Netflix.  The Canadian streaming options suck.  Just take a look at what we are missing out on….

But that’s OK.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Just follow this step by step guide and you’ll be all set to watch some much bigger and much better American Netflix In Canada.

You can thank me later.

Well I have to admit I only picked a few of my favorite actresses but there are quite a few more gorgious ladies that you may like even more.  For a list of 30 go to http://www.koat.com/entertainment/oh-canada-30-gorgeous-canadian-actresses/87236

Actually check out #17.  Again you can thank me later.

And #5 is for all those Battlestar Galactica fans out there.


Catching Fire – What A Hot Movie

FireThe Hunger Games have proven to be a highly popular series, particularly among young adults. The movies have been box office hits as well, with each release generating a lot of buzz in the media as well. It is no surprise that ‘Catching Fire’ has been one of the most hotly debated releases. Fans will be watching to see how this next installment is received. Catching Fire is also going to continue the series in some important ways. Fans will want to stay on top of these developments. The producers and developers of Catching Fire are expecting that this new release will see an extended screening throughout the country.

Catching Fire was developed by Lionsgate, who had been busy promoting their latest production. They had been slowly releasing more information about Catching Fire and what fans can expect. Jennifer Lawrence will be starring in this film, which proved to be one of the hottest releases of 2013. It was officially released in November of 2013 and generated a lot of positive reviews in the process. It was widely regarded as both a commercial and a critical success. Of course, the movie itself is based on the 2009 book by the same name. Many elements from Suzanne Collins’ original book have been preserved in the movie release of Catching Fire.

The plot line of Catching Fire will largely pick up where the last Hunger Games installment left off. Katniss and Peeta will be returning home to District 12, where they will be welcomed by local residents. They recently won the 74th anniversary of the Hunger Games, which proved to be popular among people everywhere. Catching Fire will introduce some new political elements to the universe, which has influenced people within the story line. There are some rebellions breaking out in different types of districts located in the area. Fans of the series will want to see how these political developments impact the Hunger Games universe as well.

Catching Fire is the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy penned by Suzanne Collins. The dystopian series has captured the imagination of fans who are drawn in by the alternative universe that has been created. Catching Fire will be introducing some rapid changes to the Hunger Games world, which will be a valuable look at how the series itself has developed. Since Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchinson have reprised their starring roles in the series, this has managed to draw in plenty of support from fans.

After the London premier of Catching Fire, the series proved to be a popular success. It took a budget of around $140 million to formally produce this latest entry to the series. But the distribution of the film produced earnings in excess of $864 million. This was accompanied by plenty of media fanfare for the film and praise from many fans. Catching Fire also produced quite a few positive reviews from critics. These critics were drawn in by the sheer action of the film, as well as the way it continues the plot line developed in the original release.

Catching Fire was directed by Francis Lawrence, who replaced Gary Ross as director of the film. The film is based on the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins. The screen play for this film was written by Simon Beaufoy and Michael deBruyn. It also features music by James Newton Howard, which is premiered throughout the course of the movie.

A Trick For Us Canadians

Canadian FlagI’m a Canadian.

I love Canada for lots and lots of reasons.  However, access to content is NOT one of them.  I love movies and TV shows (hence this blog) but it seems like we are getting the short end of the content stick every time we turn around.

Take Pandora Internet Radio as an example.  If you live in America all this music is free, but if you live in Canada it gets blocked :(

Since I’m such a movie nut, I really hate the fact that my Canadian Netflix account is so inferior my friends US based Netflix accounts.

I have a couple of college buddies who love movies as much as I do.  One day we were chatting about some decent movies available on Netflix to watch and they asked if I’d watched Good Will Hunting on Netflix, etc, etc. and I went to find these great movies but nope….I couldn’t watch them.

That’s when I found out that Netflix has different content options depending upon which country you are accessing it from.  Of course, doing a bit of research proved what I had expected…the Canadian library inferior.

I was doing a bit of research after that and came across a site that showed me a solution to this problem.  The site shows you a simple way to get American Netflix in Canada.  It sounded too good to be true but thought I might as well give it a shot and worst case I’d be out 10 bucks.

To my surprise this trick actually worked.

So if you are also a Canadian or anyone who has a Netflix account but live outside of the USA then take my advice and get follow the blog www.in3tagen.com and follow their solution.  It really does work and is worth every penny.

It’s nice to finally be able to level the American and Canadian playing field when it comes to content and technology which is in my experience a very rare feeling.

Star Wars 7?

So there’s some recent rumors out there about a Star Wars Episode 7.  There is very limited amount of information being shared at this point but they do have a release date currently of December 18, 2015 and shooting is to begin in the spring of this year 2014.

Sounds like it will be a continuation to the original trilogy saga.  The current rumor is to have Mark Hammel (Luke Skywalker) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) to return for number 7.

So stay tuned since this could be a huge hit.  I know very few people who don’t love the Star Wars saga.


The Legend of Hercules

This is and up and coming 2014 movie that caught my attention recently, but I’m a big sucker for an ancient super hero movie.  I’m hoping it can match other hero films from this era such as the amazing movie 300.

warrior masksAfter watching the trailer I’m a little bit concerned that the fight scenes will be too much over the top.  A good fight scene needs to be entrenched in reality and not suspend believe.  Hay maker type punches or swipes are great in theory but I cant get past the fact that the majority of real world fights end up as a wrestling match.

I can give a little bit of give on this point since we are talking about a fictional God/Man super hero.  He should be able to do a few things beyond our normal fighting comprehension.

Another thing that has me worried is the acting and plot.  I’m have yet to identify what this place will be about entirely but for the most part it looks to be somewhat weak.  This seems to be the ongoing Hollywood trend now adays.  Pick an interesting (super hero) concept, throw together a half hearted plot, hire a few cheap actors (Keanu?) and then use a heavy dose of special effects.  Cheap, mindless movies make good money.  They don’t make blockbuster profits but they have a good return and have been reliable.

So what do you think about this upcoming movie?  You think it has potential to impress or is it destined for failure right out of the gates?


Dumb and Dumber To

Yes folks, they are finally making a respectable sequel to the cult classic Dumb and Dumber.  That in itself is not that big of a deal but when you hear that they were able to get Jim Carey on board Jeff Daniels.  Bringing back the original cast is a huge deal.

Anyone remember the first attempt at a Dumb and Dumber sequel?  Yes it wall called Dumb and Dumberer and it was terrible.  That because no one can follow up a Jim / Jeff comedy acting masterpiece.  So at the end of the day the first attempt at a sequel was a stink bomb.

However, with Jim/Jeff on board, there is a ton of buzz around this new movie.  It is currently projected to be ready for theater release sometime in 2014.  Over the past year or 2 the movie has been shot in the Atlanta area.

I just can’t imagine Jim and Jeff coming back together to make this movie unless it had all the right pieces in place to be just as good (and hopefully better) than the original.  The rumor is that the movie will be set some years after the original Dumb and Dumber.

Just make certain to keep an ear out for this movie.  Its one of the 2014 movies on my hot watch list for sure.