A Trick For Us Canadians

Canadian FlagI’m a Canadian.

I love Canada for lots and lots of reasons.  However, access to content is NOT one of them.  I love movies and TV shows (hence this blog) but it seems like we are getting the short end of the content stick every time we turn around.

Take Pandora Internet Radio as an example.  If you live in America all this music is free, but if you live in Canada it gets blocked :(

Since I’m such a movie nut, I really hate the fact that my Canadian Netflix account is so inferior my friends US based Netflix accounts.

I have a couple of college buddies who love movies as much as I do.  One day we were chatting about some decent movies available on Netflix to watch and they asked if I’d watched Good Will Hunting on Netflix, etc, etc. and I went to find these great movies but nope….I couldn’t watch them.

That’s when I found out that Netflix has different content options depending upon which country you are accessing it from.  Of course, doing a bit of research proved what I had expected…the Canadian library inferior.

I was doing a bit of research after that and came across a site that showed me a solution to this problem.  The site shows you a simple way to get American Netflix in Canada.  It sounded too good to be true but thought I might as well give it a shot and worst case I’d be out 10 bucks.

To my surprise this trick actually worked.

So if you are also a Canadian or anyone who has a Netflix account but live outside of the USA then take my advice and get follow the blog www.americannetflixincanada.net and follow their solution.  It really does work and is worth every penny.

It’s nice to finally be able to level the American and Canadian playing field when it comes to content and technology which is in my experience a very rare feeling.

Star Wars 7?

So there’s some recent rumors out there about a Star Wars Episode 7.  There is very limited amount of information being shared at this point but they do have a release date currently of December 18, 2015 and shooting is to begin in the spring of this year 2014.

Sounds like it will be a continuation to the original trilogy saga.  The current rumor is to have Mark Hammel (Luke Skywalker) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) to return for number 7.

So stay tuned since this could be a huge hit.  I know very few people who don’t love the Star Wars saga.


The Legend of Hercules

This is and up and coming 2014 movie that caught my attention recently, but I’m a big sucker for an ancient super hero movie.  I’m hoping it can match other hero films from this era such as the amazing movie 300.

warrior masksAfter watching the trailer I’m a little bit concerned that the fight scenes will be too much over the top.  A good fight scene needs to be entrenched in reality and not suspend believe.  Hay maker type punches or swipes are great in theory but I cant get past the fact that the majority of real world fights end up as a wrestling match.

I can give a little bit of give on this point since we are talking about a fictional God/Man super hero.  He should be able to do a few things beyond our normal fighting comprehension.

Another thing that has me worried is the acting and plot.  I’m have yet to identify what this place will be about entirely but for the most part it looks to be somewhat weak.  This seems to be the ongoing Hollywood trend now adays.  Pick an interesting (super hero) concept, throw together a half hearted plot, hire a few cheap actors (Keanu?) and then use a heavy dose of special effects.  Cheap, mindless movies make good money.  They don’t make blockbuster profits but they have a good return and have been reliable.

So what do you think about this upcoming movie?  You think it has potential to impress or is it destined for failure right out of the gates?


Dumb and Dumber To

Yes folks, they are finally making a respectable sequel to the cult classic Dumb and Dumber.  That in itself is not that big of a deal but when you hear that they were able to get Jim Carey on board Jeff Daniels.  Bringing back the original cast is a huge deal.

Anyone remember the first attempt at a Dumb and Dumber sequel?  Yes it wall called Dumb and Dumberer and it was terrible.  That because no one can follow up a Jim / Jeff comedy acting masterpiece.  So at the end of the day the first attempt at a sequel was a stink bomb.

However, with Jim/Jeff on board, there is a ton of buzz around this new movie.  It is currently projected to be ready for theater release sometime in 2014.  Over the past year or 2 the movie has been shot in the Atlanta area.

I just can’t imagine Jim and Jeff coming back together to make this movie unless it had all the right pieces in place to be just as good (and hopefully better) than the original.  The rumor is that the movie will be set some years after the original Dumb and Dumber.

Just make certain to keep an ear out for this movie.  Its one of the 2014 movies on my hot watch list for sure.